Amcsti is the French network which promote scientific, technical and industrial culture. It gather about 200 members from this field, making it a major national network.

As a network gathering about 200 members, our goal is to expand and strengthen exchanges, collaborations, reflections and knowledge and experiences sharing between all organisations which aim at bringing closer science and society.

The diversity and complementarity of our member organisations are our source of wealth, whatever their size, nature, theme or location.

We thus bring together various type of  structures working in the sector of  scientific, technical and industrial culture, that share our values and project, such as :

  • museums,
  • science centers
  • planetariums,
  • aquariums,
  • zoos,
  • universities,
  • research performing organisations,
  • local authorities,
  • companies,
  • foundations
  • individual members

Beyond their primordial role in the fields of culture, education and citizenship, they all together constitute a sector with considerable weight in terms of jobs, economic impact and trainings.

Amcsti works at the promotion and development of scientific, technical and industrial cultures (STIC).

This implies to affirm the need for a strong cultural and educational action in the field of science and technology, as these constitute a considerable societal issue at the heart of current debates.

Over the past thirty years, scientific, technical and industrial cultures have developed strongly in France.

Part of culture in the broad sense, STIC enable citizens to understand the world in which they live and prepare them to live in tomorrow world.

By developing public information and thinking on science and its challenges, by encouraging exchanges with the scientific community, by sharing knowledge, by training for an active citizenship, STIC bring science closer to society.

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Supported by French ministries of Research and Culture in order to carry out our missions, we conduct numerous projects to promote actions of our members, to enable them to meet and learn from each other and to make scientific, technical and industrial culture central to the political debate.

  • annual conference:
  • bulletin:
  • prizes:
  • Horizon 2020 national contact point for the Science with and for Society programme

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